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About Us

At Insight HR we work with many companies and always appreciate seeing the unique organisational cultures and perspectives they take.

Every organisation of every size needs HR infrastructure. Yet, many don’t know where to start or wait until something’s broken, they’re spiraling out of control, or at a complete loss. Outsource what you don’t have in-house, expertise for, and/or what you don’t have time for.

Maybe you’re in the start-up phase, you’re growing and evolving, or you need to downsize. In any case, having sustainable and consistent practices in place will support your actions, accountability, performance, and retention. We do not believe there is one approach to human resources that works for all our clients, everyone is different and the fun of our work is tailoring our approach and strategy depending on who we are working with.

We’ll be there with you when you need us most, face to face, at the end of the phone, by e-mail, whatever best suits you.


HR Outsourcing

Employment Agreements & Company Policies

Employment Relations /Performance

Leadership Training & Development

People & Culture

Restructures & Change Management

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction

Infrastructure Construction

We pride ourselves and our success on being a true partner with our clients.


We create value

We work to deliver a service that delivers value for your business.

We care

We get to know your business from the inside out.

We are passionate

We are passionate about small to medium businesses, inspired by the ability to grow from nothing through hard graft and creative entrepreneurship.

We are passionate about construction- we can’t put it more simply than that! Our team has over 20 years’ combined experience in construction gained locally and internationally. New Zealand’s construction outlook is exciting, with complex major projects in the pipeline in infrastructure and rapid growth in the residential and commercial markets. Skilled workers have never been in more demand in all sectors of our industry.

Our direct experiences both locally and internationally have created a passion for bringing our clients on a journey. We offer a service that looks after each individual’s journey coming to New Zealand, and the careers they will grow while helping grow our industry.
We provide a service our employers can feel secure in, and proud of using. For our clients, we care about being the people that set them up for success on their journey to New Zealand.

We’re here to make things easier when you need it.

We can help take the emotion out of dealing with the unexpected and often unwanted.

Are you looking for work or do you need staff?

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